Electric Vehicles

July 25, 2010

Electric vehicles in the form of battery electric cars, buses, motorcycles, planes boats and bicycles can and are likely to be an essential ingredient as we move to a sustainable transport solution. Electric motors are inherently more efficient, often operating at efficiencies of  70% or higher. The traditional internal combustion engine we are familiar with struggles to achieve 30% efficiency and rates even lower when the embodied energy associated with mining oil for fuel is taking into account, a process becoming known as “well to wheels”.

A recent announcement on Electric Vehicles by the federal minister, the honorable Mr Athony Albanese MP has disappointed many in the electric vehicle profession. Mr Albanese is the Speaker of the House and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government. He recently announced that 40 imported Mitsubishi I – MiEVs would be leased to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia. The decision has been brought into the spotlight because there has been a local electric vehicle available for some time in the form of the Electron, remanufactured by Blade Electric Vehicles. Instead of supporting a locally manufactured, superior performing and cheaper electric car model this recent decision appears to undervalue local Australian electric vehicle manufacturers and there are several.

Mr Ross Blade of Blade Electric Vehicles, based in Castlemaine, Victoria has been attempting to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in Australia for many years. It appears unfortunate that an innovative business and integral products cannot be showcased alongside one of the global automotive giants.