A Winter Kitchen Garden

August 19, 2010

The longer days and fantastic winter rains are transforming the kitchen garden at Canberra’s Sustainable House. The onions and garlic are working hard at developing tasty underground treats, bulbs in the case of the onions, corms in garlic.

The flower buds on the peaches are swelling and blushing pink, a key time to step in with some organic fungal treatments to avoid curly leaf disease and more to boot. I didn’t stop with the stone fruit, as plants such as Pomegranate can also succumb to curly leaf. The secret mix I use is also highly effective at reducing key bacterial infections in nashi pears too. And wouldn’t it be nice to get another bumper crop of those!!!

With the turnip supply almost eaten, not the resident rabbit the heirloom Broccoli has decided to step up to the plate, quite literally. It now threatens to overwhelm me. Such are the cycles in this loved and over producing kitchen garden. Have a good hard look at the broccoli I photographed last weekend – fabulous stuff, so sweet you can eat it raw.

The coming weeks and months will be busy times in the sustainable garden and is looking like a bumper spring this year.

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