A Bloom’in Spring

September 2, 2010

It is ‘game on’ in the kitchen garden at Canberra’s Sustainable House. Winter is now behind us, the sweet scent of blossum is in the air and the saps moving again. This is the time of year that gardeners relish, planning and planting as the days grow continually longer and warmer.

Tremendous winter rains see the kitchen garden bursting with new life. Late plantings of heirloom carrots are being harvested. Perfect timing. The carrots overwintered and sweetened by the frosts of winter have all but been eaten.

The soil in the kitchen garden is rich and healthy. Old varieties of lettuce self seeded, germinating prolifically to form mosaics amongst the garlic, shallots and parsnips.

Sure, we’ll get some cold snaps in the next month or so, but it’s time to get moving. Sow some seed for tomatoes, capsicum and eggplants. Don’t forget the basil, pumpkins and melons. Stay tuned for the potato planting at Canberra’s Sustainable House – coming soon…….

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