Book Launch

October 7, 2010

I wasboth fortunate and humbled to have received an invite from Michael Mobbs to attend the launch of the Second Edition of his book, ‘Sustainable House’ in Sydney yesterday.

This was a day to celebrate the wonderful and diverse achievements Michael has made and continues to make in sustainability.

It was magnificent to have the former and longest continuous serving premier of NSW, Mr Bobb Carr in attendance to officially launch the 2nd Eddition of Michael’s book. For those who do not know the history, Bobb Carr officially opened Michael’s sustainable home on Monday 9 December 1996, so it was fitting and inspirational for Bobb to again be present at this landmark event.

Michael Mobbs and Bobb Carr (Image Courtesy Tina Perinotto – The Fifth Estate)

For me there are no finer examples of leaders and heroes than those that lead by example. When Michael spoke yesterday I felt a great connection with the message he calmly and quietly delivered. “The conversations surrounding food, water and energy are and will be uncomfortable for Australians to hold”.

I enjoyed the beautiful local food, all if it inspired by Michael’s magnificent roadside gardens in Myrtle Street, Chippendale. The sweet clear water we sipped was precious rainwater, collected from the roof of Michael’s terrace house. To my right was the entrance to a bee hive, buzzing with activity. Being allergic to bees I might have been a wee bit concerned were it not for the fact that these were in fact native stingless bees.

These are the conversations that need to be held and the conversations are starting right now as we come to grips with the reality of a changing climate and a battered Mother Earth. The truth is there will be implications for the water we drink, the energy we use and the essential food sustains us all.

Michael and his Sustainable House were part of the inspiration for our sustainable home here in Canberra. A well thumbed copy of the Michael’s first edition of Sustainable House takes pride of place on our bookshelf. I vividly remember handing a copy to our nominated plumber John Chiera, as we sat in the shade of a street tree at the front of our home discussing details of our water systems.

I now have the First and Second Editions of Sustainable House side by side. I can hardly wait to delve into this the latest edition. Every Australian should have both of these books in their libraries, so do yourself a favour and buy them!!!!

Copies of Sustainable House can be purchased via Michael’s website