Canberra’s Sustainable House is specially positioned to provide a unique and refreshing sustainability consultancy for the residential and commercial sectors in the Canberra and surrounding regions. Nicholas Mayo was instrumental in gaining approvals and setting precedents for the range of sustainable technologies and systems that were showcased in Canberra’s Sustainable House.

Nicholas Mayo provides a fee for service basis in the following areas of sustainability:

Product Selection

Canberra’s Sustainable House provides practical, honest advise on products and installations in a range of areas including:

  • Environmentally and Human Friendly Paints and Finishes
  • Sustainable plumbing and electrical
  • Solar Hot Water Systems
  • Solar electricity including photovoltaic systems
  • Rainwater harvesting, tanks, guttering, diverters and filtering systems
  • ‘Waste’ Water Treatment, including Greywater and Blackwater Treatment systems
  • Double Glazing
  • Blinds and curtains to improve the thermal performance of your home or business
  • Waterless Composting toilets
  • Universal Design inclusion in your home or business
  • And much more

Do you need a reliable trades person or other building professional? Don’t we all!! Contact Nick and I may consider assisting you to coordinate your project.


Canberra’s Sustainable House provides an approval support service to assist you in gaining the necessary approvals from government or council for environmentally friendly technologies. Nick Mayo has set precedents for approval of a range of sustainable technologies in Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

Sustainability Personal Training and Coaching

Do you need help specialist sustainability advise, coaching or support?

If you need help overcoming those old habits that are costing you in large electricity, gas or water bills or guidance in working with government and approving authorities, Canberra’s Sustainable House can assist. Nick has walked this track before, knows it well and enjoys challenging Government and bureaucrats. Nick lives and breathes sustainability every minute of the day and is constantly devising new ways of improving performance and efficiency.

Sustainable Retrofits, Renovation & Project Coordination

Canberra’s Sustainable House caters for sustainable projects big and small.

I suggest you engage Canberra’s Sustainable House early. This will allow me to work closely with you and bring trades, builders and manufactures together to invigorate and achieve what you expect. Nick is skilled, qualified and experienced at facilitating clear communication. Nick will establish expectations, define the scope of your project and assist in developing written specifications. Canberra’s Sustainable House provides a strong bridge between owners, trades and builders.

Canberra’s Sustainable House also provides a ‘Band-Aid Service’. This is to assist owners with sustainable projects that have bogged down or who are disappointed with the results. I prefer not to have to offer this kind of service but we are keenly aware of the games that go on in the building industry.

Kitchen Garden – Design, Construct and Maintain

Canberra’s Sustainable House provides a design, construction and maintenace service to assist people who wish to have a productive sustainable garden. Harvesting your own food from your garden will improve your health in so many ways and well as connecting you with mother earth.


Nick has been saving seeds from the good old traditional and heirloom vegetable variety for over 20 years now – No GM here!!!! Seeds collected by Nick are available for sale on a seasonal basis. We sell out fast, so please contact me to place your order. On special occasions we even deliver to your door if we are in your area.


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